Building Thriving Remote Communities

We empower remote communities through innovative real estate projects and collaborative partnerships with local authorities.

Road in jungle

About us

Welcome to Moledet, where we aim to transform remote communities into thriving, self-sustainable environments. By partnering with local authorities, we are working to develop innovative real estate projects that prioritize local culture, economic growth, and social cohesion.

Our commitment to community goes beyond projects. We shape our surroundings because this is where we live, where our children were born, and where they’ll grow up. Our work is driven by love and passion, prioritizing the growth and future of our kids over financial gain. Join us in building a legacy for a flourishing and interconnected community.


Moledet is dedicated to shaping and boosting remote communities through sustainable real estate projects, fostering partnerships with local authorities, and empowering residents to build a prosperous future together.


Our vision is to create a network of thriving, interconnected remote communities that celebrate their unique identities while contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

How we work

Collaborative and Community-Centric Approach

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King